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Innovative Spotlight- Yesenia Perez, JD, LLM

Friday, March  31,  2017

Innovative Spotlight Yesenia Perez, JD, LLM is pioneering the role of Compliance Counsel at Innovative Benefit Planning. Facing constant challenges of the ever-changing insurance industry and the impact the Affordable Care Act has had on employers nationwide, we knew we needed more compliance support for our clients. Yesenia has been an integral part of our … Continue reading

February Compliance Recap

Tuesday, March  7,  2017

February had relatively little activity in the employee benefits world because a new Secretary of the Department of Health and Humans (HHS) was recently confirmed and HHS started its rulemaking under the new administration. On February 10, 2017, the U.S. Senate confirmed Rep. Tom Price as the new Secretary of HHS, who has a budget … Continue reading

Innovative Welcomes Jennifer Berwick

Friday, February  24,  2017

Innovative is happy to announce the newest addition to our team, Jennifer Berwick. Jennifer comes to us with a  diverse background in office administration and accounting. She will be working closely with Innovative’s CEO, Teriann Procida, where she will look to leverage her organizational talents to help Innovative’s office run smoothly.

Impact of Opt-Out Incentives on ACA Affordability Calculations

Thursday, February  23,  2017

Quick Overview of Affordability   Employers may find themselves subject to a penalty if an employee goes to the Marketplace/Exchange and obtains a premium credit, because the employer plan was not affordable or does not provide minimum value.   An employee is not eligible for a premium tax credit for any month in which the … Continue reading

Innovative Live Tweets the NAHU Capitol Conference

Tuesday, February  21,  2017

  Innovative will be live-tweeting Dan & Ryan's experience at #NAHUCapCon2017 in Washington D.C.- Stay tuned for updates! — Innovative Bene Plan (@Inno_Bene_Plan) February 13, 2017 Here's what is on today's agenda! @NAHU2017CapCon — Innovative Bene Plan (@Inno_Bene_Plan) February 13, 2017 We begin with a review of policy discussion points ranging from market stabilization … Continue reading