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Health Plan Benchmarking

Innovative Benefit Planning, in conjunction with United Benefit Advisors, conducts annually the largest and most informative employer-sponsored health plan survey in the country. Are you curious to see how your company compares? The survey provides vital benchmark statistics on employee benefits health plan factors, including detailed enrollment, plan design, plan cost, employee premium cost-sharing, prescription drug, and flexible spending account norms. This survey is unique in that it goes down to the mid-size employer and will provide a comparison of your company’s benefits to its peers in categories such as industry, region, nationally, and employee size.
  Last year’s survey gathered results from 16,467 health plans from over 10,000 employers — making it the largest benchmarking survey of employer-sponsored health care plans in the country. The results provided critical national and regional benchmarks that enabled companies to compare their plans alongside those of peers and competitors.

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