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HR Consulting

Navigating the complex is hard…

Is there a more complex tapestry than the world of human resources? We haven’t found one yet.


…but it’s a lot easier with 40 years of combined experience.


In today’s business environment, the only constant seems to be change. With Innovative, you can stay ahead of the curve. Experienced across a wide range of assignments and offering custom programs tailored to your specific requirements, we’re ready to take on any Human Resources challenges – no matter the size.

With a collaborative process and comprehensive services, we strive not to meet your expectations, but exceed them.


Organizational Design and Development
Create the right structure and environment for your organization to succeed.

Strategic Planning
Prepare for what comes next – no matter what that happens to be.

Attract top talent with the right approach, clear communications, and compelling offers.

Employee Retention
Design and implement reward and retention programs that keep your best employees engaged and delivering value.

Employee Relations
Build a culture that attracts and retains productive, happy employees.

Stay competitive and in compliance.

Internal Communications
Share important news with your workforce. We can advise you, handle all internal communications, or anything in between.

Independent Advisor
Get answers to any HR-related question, no matter how complex. Our team of experts can help with everything from simple compensation law questions to complex governance rules. For anything you can think of, we’ve seen it, and we can help.


You’re an expert. So are we.
Too often, HR and benefits companies don’t take the time to get to know you—and your specific needs. We do. We’ve worked with countless companies just like yours. We know what works, and what doesn’t.

And, all that experience really adds up. Would you like to see how Innovative can help you create a better, stronger business? We’d love to talk – you won’t be disappointed. (last sentence links to contact form)


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