Creating a Financial Wellness Program


The case for financial wellness from an employee and employer perspective

Many employers incorporate a health wellness program into their organization, but financial wellness is just as important. Studies show that 47% of all employees are stressed about finances and 54% of those employees say they will likely use their retirement funds for expenses other than retirement.1 Employees who are stressed about money or debt often bring that stress into the workplace, causing lower productivity, higher absentee rates and neglect or postponing of personal healthcare. In addition, employees that cannot retire may have a negative impact on employer profitability (higher healthcare/workman’s compensation costs) and impede the development of the next generation of leaders.

5 Steps for Creating a Financial Wellness Program



Design Your Program


Monitor and Measure

Through Innovative’s customized financial wellness program, we work with employers to design, educate and engage employees so they can reach their financial goals. We work with you to analyze your demographics and custom tailor programs that meet the needs of your employees. Financial well-being is a win-win for employees and employers. When employees are financially confident, studies show that they are more engaged and productive in the workplace. This confidence typically translates into an increase in retirement plan deferrals. For employers, they often experience lower healthcare costs and employee absenteeism which can result in an increase in employer profitability. Let Innovative help you create a program that can help everyone. Call us at 856-242-3300.

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