Cyber Security: The Need for Both IT and HR


Businesses face a multitude of risks throughout their daily operations. One of the most complicated risks that organizations confront is cybersecurity risk. Cybersecurity is defined as the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software and cyberattacks. When businesses hold sensitive data on the cloud or shared servers, you must address the potential risks that arise from storing information. Cyber security risk is difficult to address because a cyberattack can come in many forms. Hackers have become more creative in how they breach data systems, but there are vital steps HR and organizations can take to protect themselves, such as:





The HR department plays an integral role as the conduit between the IT security department and the staff.  As the bridge to any organizations culture, people and processes, HR can play a key role in:




At Innovative, we recognize we work with very personal data when dealing with medical benefits and retirement plans.  In today’s world, a firm can’t afford to be just one step ahead.  We regularly tap into the best practices of others to help guide us in staying two steps ahead.

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