Navigating the Employee Life Cycle Part 2: Developing & Upskilling

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Navigating the Employee Lifecycle Part 2: 

Developing & Upskilling

On March 15th, 2022, Innovative’s COO, Eileen Green, and Human Resource Business Partner, Kim Matus, presented Part 2 of our webinar series, “Navigating the Employee Life Cycle”. 

The employee lifecycle covers each step in the employer-employee relationship, from the time perspective team members become interested in your organization, through recruitment and onboarding, talent development, and departure.

Today’s tight labor market and the broad range of flexible work/life options make it more important than ever to properly manage each step in the employee lifecycle. Addressing their emerging needs means employers must engage their teams at each step of the lifecycle. Our two-part webinar will help you understand and address the specific pitfalls and opportunities present in each stage of the pipeline. The right communications at the right time will help you deliver the exceptional employee experience today’s workers seek while enhancing recruitment and retention.

You will Learn: 

• Strategies for developing and growing employees
• Effective performance management including proper conversations and documentation
• Upskilling and the benefits of it
• Retention and culture and utilizing pulse surveys and stay interviews
• Key Metrics and Measuring
• Separation best practices
• Case Studies


  • Eileen Green
  • Kim Matus

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