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Make your retirement plan part of your competitive advantage.

Why do companies stay with sub-optimal retirement plans? Because when you’re working with a market dominated by bundled providers and 1-800 number service models, it’s easier to choose a plan and never think about it again. But, we know you care about your business and your employees. There’s a better way.

We believe your approach to retirement benefits should be analyzed like any other part of your business. And, at Innovative, that’s what we’ll help you do. Together, we’ll reveal the hidden costs and challenges in your retirement benefits program and ensure a better solution for your employees.

People care. Spreadsheets don’t.

Innovative is a refreshing alternative to cookie-cutter firms. We pride ourselves as the solution that allows you to make the most of your retirement plans while keeping a close working relationship with local professionals. Our hands-on approach ensures that you have one point of contact for all of your needs. We manage all aspects of your plan, including coordinating with your various service providers (from auditors, to TPA/recordkeepers, to custodians).

Our team of tax and financial professionals provides comprehensive retirement planning services, including:

Vendor Search, Management & Oversight

With countless vendor options available, we simplify the process for you. Innovative can partner with your current retirement plan service provider(s) to align necessary processes and procedures, including monitor service providers, fee disclosure assessment, benchmarking, service provider assessment, generate and evaluate a request for proposal, and support contract negotiation.

Plan Design

The plan document is your foundation; creating a successful retirement plan starts here.  The Innovative Investment Fiduciaries, LLC team will assess your overall plan operations and features, and make recommendations for design changes that will improve your outcome.

Plan Sponsor Services

We understand your job as a plan sponsor can be challenging, that’s why we are here to help. Innovative will advise on the proper governance procedures for the plan including the establishment, appointment and training of the Investment Committee, the use of outside experts, the need for formal documentation, and the procurement of fiduciary insurance.  Moreover, Innovative will work with the plan sponsor to obtain optimal participant retirement results within the plan sponsor’s budget.

Fiduciary Management & Compliance

Simply put, we provide you peace of mind. Innovative will act as a fiduciary for the plan investments and provide independent, unbiased investment advice. Innovative will also work with your service providers on an ongoing basis to help manage overall plan operations and monitor compliance procedures  Throughout the year, Innovative will also be a resource for the leadership team and participants.

Investment Review

Innovative’s Investment team manages both defined contribution and defined benefit plans.  When partnering with Innovative, you gain reliable, expert guidance on assessing your plan’s investment objectives, designing your overall investment structure, developing your investment policy statement, and monitoring and reporting of your investment.

Employee Engagement & Communication

Educating your employees on how to take charge of their financial goals is a win for all.  After consultation with your leadership team, Innovative will design and manage an education plan for your organization.  Our programs typically include group and one-on-one meetings and can be expanded to include financial wellness programs and customized seminars with participants.

Advanced Strategies

In addition to above, Innovative has extensive experience with plan mergers and terminations as well as qualified and non-qualified strategies to increase executive contributions.

Customized Tax Planning

Changes to tax code can have significant implications for individuals. Amending your benefit formulas under your existing retirement plan may yield significant tax benefits. At Innovative, we have extensive experience designing retirement plans that increase the contributions allocated to owners and key executives, which in turn can generate significant tax benefits.

CEFEX Certified

Innovative is proud to be a CEFEX certified Investment Advisor. This certification signifies our commitment to uphold the highest level of fiduciary care and that has a direct impact on you, your plan and your employees.

CEFEX is an independent global assessment and certification organization. They work closely with industry experts to provide comprehensive assessment programs designed to improve the fiduciary practices of investment advisors, stewards (retirement plans, foundations and endowments, etc.), investment managers, and other financial service providers. CEFEX confers a formal certification for those firms that are willing to undergo an independent audit and able to demonstrate that they fully conform to high standards which are substantiated in case law and fiduciary best practices.

At Innovative, we follow well-defined processes, grounded in best practices, so that we can make sound, objective, and consistent decisions in service to our clients.  CEFEX certification offers testament to the fact that we understand the importance of paying close attention to everything from high level strategies and policies all the way down to the details of our business practices. The CEFEX Mark seeks to make our clients confident that we are worthy of their trust.

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Your interests are our interests.

As an independent, fee-based Registered Investment Advisory firm, we’ve pledged to work on behalf of our clients with no bias toward any investment product or provider.

Our talented team of tax and financial professionals work closely with plan sponsors to understand your requirements, identify and measure all options, and secure the highest quality offerings for your organization and employees.

And, since we serve as a legal fiduciary for all our client retirement plans, you can have confidence we’ll always have your best interests in mind. In fact, it’s our obligation!

Experience the difference.

With a dedicated team of benefit, tax, and financial professionals, our firm has broad experience providing retirement plan solutions to mid-market employers.

But, what sets us apart? We care about YOU.

With Innovative, you’ll know everyone on our team by name. But more than that, employee happiness, well-being, and engagement isn’t something we consider ‘nice to have.’ It’s the very reason our clients hire us.

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When it comes to your business, you wouldn’t just trust anyone. That’s why at Innovative, we pride ourselves on being a trusted source — and we show it by focusing on your goals and delivering value.

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Doing what’s right for people is the key to long-term relationships where everyone benefits. And, it’s why our clients rest assured, knowing we always have their best interests at heart.

Expertise drives better outcomes

At Innovative, we take pride in our expertise. We employ and partner with experts across the Benefits Planning and Financial Services industries so we can deliver the best results to our clients. And, our capabilities are reflective of the experts we have on staff in the fields of:

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