Tax Credit Check from Horizon


Attention Horizon customers!

You may have received or will receive shortly, a check in the mail from Horizon regarding a tax credit refund check. Note, this is a legitimate check and you can use these funds however you see fit.

Why are you receiving this check?

In late 2017, the Federal Tax Reform was enacted and as a result, Horizon received a one-time tax refund in the amount of $550 million dollars from tax credits they earned over 30 years of paying federal taxes.

Consistent with Horizon’s mission to serve their members, Horizon BCBSNJ is using $275 million of its tax refund for their members. On December 17, 2018, Horizon BCBSNJ issued a one-time distribution to commercial Individual market members, small group customers, and fully insured and self-insured group customers with 51 or more employees:

The refund is calculated based on enrolled group size as of 11/7/2018.

Click here to read how Horizon plans to use the full $550 million.

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