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Employee Benefits

Great benefits. Employee happiness built-In.
An employee benefits strategy is only good if it balances both the needs of your employees and your business. Too often, plans aren’t designed with the employee in mind. The result? A solution that no one likes.

There’s another way.
At Innovative, we work with your organization to develop employee benefit packages specifically tailored to your strategic, competitive, and financial needs.

It’s part of a proven methodology that delivers the best solution…every time.

First, we uncover your organization’s unique human capital needs. This aligns the benefits you offer with employee expectations — so everyone is happy.

We analyze your employee benefit approach, see how it compares within your industry, locale, and size to help you make informed, data-supported decisions.

Solution creation
Aligning your specific needs with benchmarking intelligence, we create your custom employee benefits solution that helps you contain costs while providing better value for your employees.

Communications plan
Working hand-in hand, we’ll create a comprehensive, clear communication plan that ensures employee confidence, understanding, and engagement.

Wellness initiatives
A culture of good health is good for everyone. We’ll help you design and implement workplace wellness and management programs that engage and promote not just healthy employees, but a healthy bottom-line.

Continuous improvement
Finally, we’ll help you be proactive, taking advantage of predictive analytics to forecast risk within your employee population and take appropriate action. Armed with this intelligence, you’ll stay ahead-of-the-curve, with the ability to implement new strategies that result in improved employee health and lower claims risk.

Design your ideal benefits.
At Innovative, we believe good benefit planning isn’t choosing between generic options. And our clients know it, too. That’s because all the employee benefit plans we create for you are made-to-measure for you…and your employees.

Get benefits worthy of your business.
Sound good? We’d love to speak with you.

Together, let’s learn how your organization can benefit from working with Innovative. Let’s uncover the ideal employee benefits strategy and solutions for both you and your employees.

Would you like to see where your organization measures-up and how we can help? Click here to take our benchmarking analysis. It’s fast – we promise!


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