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Innovative Benefit Planning understands what companies need when it comes to employee benefit services. We know that only the most effective strategies will offset rising health care costs, that there will always be the need to keep the average increase in health care costs at a minimum, that our duty is to be an advocate to HR, and doing our part to ensure that every Human Resources Dept. can focus on doing their job well, not on dealing with insurance claims, billing, and administrative issues.

Whether making governmental regulations and other new laws tangible and clear, or spending the extra time to ensure an employee understands a benefits package, and acting decisively on their behalf, we truly put people first in every scenario. As one small nod to our level of customer service, it’s no surprise that one colleague referred to Innovative Benefit Planning as the “Ritz-Carlton of Claims Assistance.”

There is no such thing as a “small problem” in our world. We field every request and question from employees and HR Directors alike with the utmost seriousness, because we understand that healthcare can be a confusing and anxious subject.

Innovative Benefit Planning’s technical knowledge coupled with our high level of customer service makes us a continued source of support for all of our clients.


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