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Innovative Workplace Wellness

Assisting Your Organization in creating a ‘Culture of Health’
At Innovative, we understand the key to a successful business is a fully engaged staff. Innovative Workplace Wellness focuses on each employee as a whole being, guiding your team in effectively managing their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy. We believe optimal energy management allows staff to assign complete mental and physical agility to professional projects, maximizing productivity. To achieve this, the following services are offered by our skilled wellness team who carry RD, LDN, LPN and CNC designations:

Health Coaching & Behavior Modification

  • Your health coach conducts one on one health and wellness education/behavior modification sessions with employees & spouses
  • Provide a Health Guardian Coaching Hotline for employees & spouses
  • Survey Health Coaching participants for feedback on impact and requests for future sessions

Quarterly Health Education Seminars

  • Innovative Wellness Team conducts quarterly seminars on topics such as Healthy Eating on a Budget, Health Myths and Facts, Physical Fitness, Stress Management etc. to provide employees with formal knowledge

Annual Health Fair

  • Our team arranges for vendors to partake in an annual health fair that will provide your organization’s employees with
    resources to bring awareness and better manage their health and well being

Biometric Screenings 

  • Arrange for Quest or LabCorp to conduct screenings for your employees and/or spouses
  • Innovative provides all employee communications promoting screenings and informing employees of their individual results

Results-Based Plan Design

  • Our team designs custom medical plans to incentivize employees to participate in wellness initiatives and improve their health
  • Administer required formal appeals process
  • Produce payroll deduction file to include incentives based on the results of the screenings
  • Provide HIPAA Non-Discrimination Testing (Required)

Population Health Management Services

  • Innovative’s proprietary data analytics software provides you with targeted data that pinpoints potential clinical and financial risks.

Predictive Modeling/Advanced Data Analytics

  • Establish data download connections for pharmacy, medical and wellness data into our proprietary data analytics solution
  • Meet quarterly to review claims data and identify health issues/cost drivers in your health plan population and establish an action plan
  • Identify “at risk” employees for proactive Case Management & Health Coaching
  • Benchmark claims cost and notify you of any significant changes in your claims activity
  • Produce annual budget models and forecast for various plan, contribution and enrollment assumptions
  • Drill down to employee-level data (HIPAA compliant)


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