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Workplace Wellness Tips to Fend off the Flu

Wednesday, January  9,  2019

It’s that time of year again, when we start to hear coughing, sniffling and sneezing around the office and everyone starts to panic because no one wants to get sick, especially with the flu! When is flu season? Flu season begins in October and ends as late as May, however the peak season is happening … Continue reading

Is Your Workplace Wellness Program Compliant?

Friday, January  4,  2019

In a recent settlement, the Department of Labor (DOL) imposed over $160,000 in fines and penalties on an employer for the noncompliant tobacco surcharge they imposed through their plan’s Wellness Program. A common Wellness Program design is to impose a premium surcharge to employees who use tobacco products. This surcharge is acceptable granted it follows … Continue reading

New Year, Fresh Start

Thursday, January  3,  2019

2019 is in full swing and it’s the time of year that we get to designate as a fresh start and new beginnings. It’s a tradition in which we resolve to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve our health and life in general. About 40% of Americans … Continue reading

ACA Extensions Announced

Friday, November  30,  2018

Yesterday afternoon, the IRS released Notice 2018-94, which announced an extension of the 2019 deadline for insurers and employers to furnish forms 1095-B and 1095-C to individuals. These forms, originally due January 31, 2019 are now due March 4, 2019. Although the furnishing deadline has been extended, the IRS has not extended the deadline for … Continue reading

The Benefits of Seasonal Produce

Wednesday, October  31,  2018

You always hear about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. Indeed, they are packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other phytonutrients that are beneficial to our health! But did you know that eating seasonal produce is not only higher in nutrients, but also cheaper, better tasting, and more environmentally-friendly?! Here is what is in … Continue reading

A Hard Habit to Break

Wednesday, October  10,  2018

Smoking is an addiction and as most smokers know, quitting isn’t easy. Quitting smoking is a journey, not a single event. You might hit some bumps in the road during your journey to quit smoking. Having a plan to meet these challenges is an important part of quitting for good. ✓ Controlling Weight Gain – … Continue reading

The Benefits of Positive Thinking

Wednesday, October  3,  2018

Many people do not know that positive thinking has a lot of health benefits. If you keep your mind in good shape, you’ll have an optimistic view of life and that affects your health and wellbeing in an extremely positive way. On the same note, thinking negatively can have an opposite effect on your health. … Continue reading

Wellness Team Earn Their Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® Designation

Friday, September  7,  2018

Congrats to our Worksite Wellness Coordinator, Erica Brown and our Project Manager, Kim Fisher on earning their Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® designation.  The Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® is the foremost designation available in the corporate wellness and well-being field. The CCWS course comprises of concise and comprehensive techniques in how to assess the specific needs … Continue reading

Innovative Wellness Client’s Huge Loss is a Big Win

Friday, June  8,  2018

Congratulations to the Penndel Mental Health Center employees who participated in Innovative Workplace Wellness’ “Three Keys Challenge” coordinated by our Wellness Coordinator, Erica Brown. The “Three Keys Challenge” is a proprietary three-month team weight loss program that encourages participants to focus on three key factors that contribute to long-term weight loss success: Nutrition, Fitness and … Continue reading

Innovative Sits Comfortably with Strive

Monday, May  21,  2018

Innovative Benefit Planning has partnered with Strive Physical Therapy to combat the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle. On Friday, May 18th Jason Melnyk from Strive met with Innovative Benefit Planning employees to educate the team on all of the intricacies of desk ergonomics during their “DeskFit” lecture. The “DeskFit” session taught employees how to optimize … Continue reading


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