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Innovative Welcomes Mercedes Gutierrez, MD as Director of Wellness and Population Health Services

Wednesday, November  14,  2018

We are excited to announce another new member to the Innovative team! Please join us in welcoming Mercedes Gutierrez, MD, as Director of Wellness and Population Health Services.  As Director of Wellness and Population Health Services, Mercedes will be responsible for managing, growing, and promoting the many positive aspects of Innovative’s wellness initiatives. One of the many roles this position holds will include analyzing biometric testing, health risk assessments, pharmaceutical use, and claims data to provide effective individualized initiatives around disease management and health education. In addition, she will develop wellness seminars, training courses and communication materials for our clients, as well as organize wellness challenges and fairs. Moreover, Mercedes will be a valuable resource to our member population in using her healthcare expertise to assist clients with navigating the health system, interpreting physician instructions, and maintaining medication compliance.

Prior to accepting this position, Mercedes spent 10 years in various health advocate and management positions including most recently as the Health and Nutrition Manager for a local non-profit organization.  During this time, she developed client health initiatives, conducted screenings, provided health-related training, and proactively advocated and monitored the health of clients and their families.  Mercedes received her B.S in Public Health from Temple University, and Doctor of Medicine from the Dominican Republic and is due to receive her Master of Public Health from Benedictine University December of 2019.

“Mercedes’s clinical and educational background in health will provide our clients the leadership required for integration and success of their population health programs while maintaining the goal of helping their members reach their personal health targets,” remarked CEO Terriann Procida.

We are excited for Mercedes to join our growing team.


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