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Why Innovative?

We get it. When it comes to benefits planning, there are a ton of choices out there. And, we believe we’re the most innovative company you’ll find. So here are five good reasons our clients choose to work with us:

  1. We are not cookie-cutter. And neither is your solution. When you work with some benefits planning, HR consulting, or financial services firms, you know exactly what you’re going to get because it’s cookie-cutter. Every client gets the same solution. Not us. We know what’s right for others isn’t necessarily right for you. That’s why at Innovative, your solution is unique to your organization – and no one else’s.
  2. Our name is more than just a name. We go by Innovative because it means creative and inventive. It means you get the solution that meets your unique needs. When your needs change, so will the solution we present. When you work with us you get a company that stakes our name and reputation on finding the best solution for our clients.
  3. We build great benefits with employee happiness built-In. We’ve learned over many decades that a benefit strategy has to balance the needs of both your business and your employees. Too often, we see plans built without employee happiness in mind. The result? A high-priced solution no one likes. We know another way exists. With innovation and creative planning, we deliver great strategies that make our clients and their employees happy.
  4. We believe in continuous improvement. We’ve never understood why companies stay with unoptimized benefit and retirement strategies. Your approach to benefits should be regularly analyzed, just like any other part of your business. We help you reveal the hidden costs in your benefit program, then we revisit what’s working and what’s not. So your plans remain optimized as your organization evolves.
  5. Countless satisfied clients cannot be wrong. Since 1989, we’ve worked with countless businesses – businesses that span various industries, markets, and size. And, we’ve delivered customer satisfaction time and again. How? It all goes back to our core belief system. We believe people come first, and that one belief alone drives so much of our success – and our clients’.

So there you have it.

Why Innovative? If you’re looking for proven expertise, unparalleled service, and a long-term partner to help you navigate the ever-changing worlds of employee benefits, tax planning, retirement plans, and human resources, we should talk.



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