Executive Benefits

Executive Benefits

Executive Benefits That Meet Your Unique Needs

When it comes to Executive Benefits, how can you be certain you’re making strategic and financially sound decisions? With continual changes in tax laws, an ever-changing labor market, and today’s economic climate, a trusted partner is a must. We design and implement executive benefit programs so you can have confidence that your business is protected, and you are a first-choice employer in your industry.

Our Why

Helping employers build a better employee benefits program that provides superior service for HR while engaging employees for optimum appreciation.

Executive Benefits Made Simple.

What It’s Like Working with Us

As a business owner or key executive, running and managing a top organization is time-consuming and stressful; with anything more on your plate is just extra work. You may lack the hours and occasionally the guidance to properly assess, draft, and plan programs that are crucial to the future of your business, estate, and family.

Innovative relieves you of the burden of seeking out and working with specialists outside of your organization. We provide a level of expertise and convenience that you just can’t find anywhere else.

  • Your Needs, Your Plans: Our team at Innovative will take the time to understand the needs and goals of every executive in your organization and provide the plan that best fits what they wish to accomplish.
  • Creative Strategies: With decades of experience and literacy in financial planning and more, Innovative can get around the most complex and unique situations and deliver solutions you didn’t know were possible.
  • Absolute Ease and Convenience: Skip the inconvenient appointments for you and your spouse at law firms. Innovative has access to trusted and proven attorneys who will come to your office on your time.

What We Do to Support Employers

Too often, business owners and executives procrastinate from getting important documents and plans done simply because they do not have the time right now. But if not now, when? Your business, partners, and family deserve the protection of up-to-date plans that provide the best solutions in even the most tragic circumstances. Innovative can make that happen.

  • We Push to Complete: Many owners and executives find that their planning gets “bogged down” midway thru the process. Innovative provides the follow-through to make sure documents are signed. We will do whatever it takes to complete the process.
  • Expertise: Have the assurance in knowing that you are making the right choices, with the experience and expertise of the Innovative team at your back every step of the way.
  • Reliable and Consistent: Peace of mind comes from trust, and at Innovative, we build trust with every client through reliable and consistent service. Once a task is in our hands, it will get done.

What Success Looks Like When You Work With Us

Innovative’s complete package of Executive Benefits provides organizations with the added touches that your best people will deeply appreciate. Be the first-choice employer in your industry that employees aspire to join, with perks and incentives your competitors fail to provide.

  • Competitive Employer Positioning: Employees are always looking for the best options available. Adopt a benefits and incentives program your competitors can’t match, and watch your organization become the top employer around.
  • Strategic Incentive Programs: The employees you retain and recruit should match your current ambitions for your business. Innovative will help design strategic incentive programs that will attract the exact profile necessary to push your organization in the right direction.
  • Continued Partnership: Plan, implement, and monitor. Innovative won’t leave your business hanging at any step of the process – we provide input and direction from top to bottom and adjust or modify your plans as your situation changes.

Helping Employers Deliver Strategic Executive Benefit Solutions

Key Person Indemnification

A loss of a key employee can occur at any time and being prepared to move forward in the event of the loss or disability of a key person in your organization is critical towards its continued success. Innovative assists organizations in determining key person valuation and finding the best way to protect the organization financially in the event of their sudden loss.

Buy-Sell Planning

The death or disability of an equity owner can rattle the foundations of your organization, and plans must be made to ensure that the business remains in experienced hands. Innovative will assist your ownership team in preparing a buy-sell agreement that answers the tough questions now, which will trigger upon the death of any of your senior partners. This will allow the surviving owners to buy out the deceased partner’s shares, keeping the business secure.

Estate Planning

Many people begin the process of estate planning, but many never finish.  Innovative will manage the details involved in completing your plan working with your outside advisors to finalize the drafting of documents, addressing liquidity concerns and advising on the personal and financial aspects of transferring wealth from one generation to the next. 

For business owners, your business is usually the largest asset and drafting a comprehensive plan is a responsibility you can’t ignore. At Innovative, we can advise on internal and external succession planning for business owners.

Qualified Plan Design

Many organizations fail to take advantage of the opportunities within their qualified plan for select employees.  Innovative performs an analysis of your current qualified plan to see if any additional benefits can be skewed towards key employees, providing those employees the best of both worlds: the tax benefits of the qualified plan for the employees and employers  in addition to the extra incentive of a non-qualified plan. At Innovative, we can help you find added benefits in your qualified plan that you didn’t even know were there.

Non-Qualified Plan Design

Non-qualified plans allow for in-depth, creative approaches towards recruiting and retaining key persons you can’t afford to lose. Whether it’s phantom stock, stock appreciation, supplemental executive retirement plans, or other non-qualified plan strategies, Innovative can hand-craft custom non-qualified plan designs for the top executives on your team for your situation.

Life Insurance

For top executives and key persons on your team, life insurance needs might be more than what the group benefits of your company’s size can offer. Innovative creates a path towards not only fair, but attractive life insurance policies for your highest-level employees. Provide fitting convenience for all parts of your organization and offer executive life insurance benefits they can’t turn away.

Disability Insurance

Like life insurance, your key persons will prefer disability insurance payouts that truly fit their salaries and needs. We provide the convenience and assurance top executives are looking for, with creative and custom policy designs. 

Executive Financial Planning

Whatever financial planning strategies your executives need, Innovative is here to help. We understand that executive clients possess atypical financial situations, and Innovative assist in crafting their specific needs. Innovative provides the full trusted and personalized service that executives need for absolute financial peace of mind.*

Design Your Ideal Benefits

At Innovative, we believe good benefit planning isn’t choosing between generic options. All the employee benefit plans we create are made-to-measure for you and your employees.

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