Employee Benefits

Innovative Benefit Planning works with your organization to develop strategic, competitive, and cost-effective benefits packages. We accomplish this by employing a number of calculated methods including:

  • Delivering creative employee benefit solutions to employers.
  • Identifying each employer’s unique human capital needs result in custom best in class solutions.
  • Benchmarking employer’s benefit, retirement and compensation package to peers regionally, nationally and their industry. With this information employers can make informed decisions on where to focus valuable resources.
  • Assisting organizations in creating comprehensive communication plans to educate employees on benefit offerings. Employees will have multiple mediums to access information about plans and resources to get the most from the valuable benefits package available to them.
  • Implementing workplace wellness & management programs to engage and promote a culture of good health.
  • Utilizing predictive analytics to forecast future risk within an employee population to assist employers in implementing programs to improve the health and claims risk of their employee population.

Retirement Plan Consulting

Innovative Investment Fiduciaries, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory firm that specializes in retirement plan consulting. Our talented team of tax and financial professionals work closely with plan sponsors to secure the best offerings for your organization and employees.


The Innovative Workplace Wellness team is comprised of highly skilled coaches who carry RD, LDN, LPN, and CNC designations. Our in-house team works diligently with your organization to design and implement customized wellness programs to improve your business’ overall health, ultimately lowering claims costs and creating a culture of fully engaged employees. We focus on:

  • Identifying and managing the 20% of your population that account for the greatest risk
  • Impact negative and behaviors and habits through knowledge, accountability and motivation
  • Target behaviors that lead to chronic disease through proper nutrition, regular movement and managing stress

HR Consulting

The Innovative Human Resources team partners with your organization to provide solutions to the exceedingly challenging demands of today’s business environment. Our team develops a customized approach to suit your organization’s needs. We provide you with support and solutions for:

  • Compensation
  • Rewards strategy
  • Executive compensation
  • Independent advisor
  • Litigation

Executive Benefits

Innovative Investment Fiduciaries, LLC offers wealth management* and personal insurance services for executive level employees. We work to develop a sound financial strategy that is consistent with your goals. Our suite of executive benefit services include:
-Investment & Tax strategies
-Estate Conservation strategies
-Business strategies
-Executive Benefits
*Wealth Management services provided by Main Street Investment Advisors, LLC.

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