Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

Customized Strategies that Drive a Thriving Workplace

While many factors play an important role in helping a business succeed, virtually nothing does more to help a business thrive and improve your population’s health than a true culture of wellness. Our in-house team of professionals and highly skilled coaches work hand-in-hand with your organization to design and implement customized wellness programs that improve your population’s health and ultimately lower claims costs.

Our Why

Helping employers build a better employee benefits program that provides superior service for HR while engaging employees for optimum appreciation.

Wellness Solutions Made Simple.

What It’s Like Working with Us

Addressing the health and wellness needs of your employees can be a difficult task. Without the presence of dedicated wellness professionals and coordinators on your team, coming up with an efficient strategy for health improvements might involve too much guesswork.

Innovative provides the foundation required to prioritize and reinforce wellness into your company’s existing culture.

  • Customized Strategy Development: Making significant changes towards wellness promotion demands more than just healthy snacks and walking breaks. Innovative strategizes a top-down plan that fits best with your organization – from culture to demographics.
  • Tried and True Processes: Not sure where to begin? Innovative’s wellness professionals know the top vendors and are intimately familiar with the ideal processes. Improve your company’s overall personal health, simply and thoroughly.
  • Dedicated Professionals: Expert planning from life-long wellness professionals. Our dedicated wellness experts and health coaches possess the experience and training to create plans your employees will love.

What We Do to Support Employers

The most challenging aspect of optimizing company-wide health and wellness programs is translating results into data and understanding what that data means.

Innovative handles both the big picture and the small details to help employers get the most out of their programs, both current and future. We provide the framework and reporting to understand just how effectively certain implementations are working.

  • Proprietary Health Management Software: With Innovative’s data analytics software and reporting, our clients can process, understand, and react to the wellness data.
  • Value-Centered Analysis: Innovative focuses on results across the board, and we assist employers in optimizing programs which help maximize employee morale and engagement, as well as the value of their investment and return of investment.
  • Specialist Guidance: Innovative’s wellness professionals are here to take the pressure off your Human Resources team, who have enough responsibilities as it is. We take care of the details, from program integration to employee communications.

What Success Looks Like When You Work With Us

Your workplace culture must include health and wellness as a company-wide priority, with employees understanding the easiest and best ways they can use available resources to change their lifestyles for the better. A healthy workforce means a healthy organization, further improving your status as an elite employer.

  • Employee-Centered Engagement: Innovative focuses on understanding your company’s culture and demographic to finding the best ways to present wellness resources and activities for your team.
  • Personal Health Assistance: Our health and wellness coaches are trained and certified in specific fields –– they can answer and clarify health concerns and questions your employees might have about their own personal health.
  • Health Cost Reductions: With proper analysis of wellness data, Innovative provides your Human Resources team with the information they need to access the main factors driving health claims, and strategize the optimal actions needed to prevent or reduce these instances.

Innovative Workplace Wellness Gets You There Faster

Biometric Screenings

A biometric screening is the first step to providing employees with a thorough and updated understanding of their own health. Employees and their spouses will be invited to screen with our partnered diagnostics company. Innovative handles your screenings from start to finish, managing employee communications, screening promotion, distribution of employee results, and finally assisting them in figuring out their next steps to improve their health and ultimately reduce claims.

Lifestyle Coaching

Only with Lifestyle Coaching can your employees truly understand where they need to be and what they need to achieve to optimize their health. Trained wellness coaches work with your employees and their spouses in private one-on-one sessions to help them define and achieve personal goals and guide them to living a healthier lifestyle. With direct access to the Wellness Guardian Coaching Hotline, we can assist your employees with Diet and Nutrition, Exercise and Fitness, Tobacco Cessation, Stress and Sleep Management.

Chronic Care Coaching

Chronic care coaching takes health coaching to the specialized level that employees with certain needs can truly trust. With additional training and certifications –our Registered Nurse will help your employees manage chronic conditions. Health coaches provide disease-specific education and ongoing support to help patients with long-term, chronic issues such as lower back pain, diabetes, high blood pressure and more, your employees can receive the personalized medical expertise they require. We can assist them with medication adherence, understanding treatment plans and equip them with the right questions to ask their physicians.

Strategy & Planning

Innovative designs your company’s wellness strategy according to our tried and tested wellness roadmap. Our roadmap provides our clients with the foundation needed to integrate a wellness program that is efficient, streamlined, unique, measurable, fitted to your existing company dynamic and culture, and employee-focused, based on your employee demographics and more. We want to ensure that above all else, your employees receive an experience that will bring about positive change to their lives.

Results-Based Plan Design

Plan design is crucial when aiming to achieve wellness and health goals, because there are so many steps along the way. Our dedicated wellness professionals work with you to design customized, results-based plans that keep your employees incentivized and motivated to improve their health. From administration to communications and even HIPAA compliance, Innovative handles everything to make your program successful.

Population Health Management

Innovative provides health-centered data analytics software that utilizes advanced predictive modeling and other assessment methods to address potential clinical and financial risks, based on the medical and wellness data of your employees. Get the clearest look at the state of your team’s wellness and health, and how this might positively or negatively affect the company moving forward.

Health Education Seminars

Truly achieving greater health and wellness means adopting healthy changes to your lifestyle, which can be difficult to accomplish on your own. Innovative helps employees with health and wellness education programs that discuss topics like Stress Management, Physical Activity and Fitness, Diet and Nutrition, and more. We provide our education through a variety of delivery methods to make their wellness journey as easy and convenient as possible.

Annual Health Fairs

The Innovative Wellness Team arranges an annual health fair specifically for your organization, giving your teams direct access to the best resources available for health and well-being management.

Wellness Challenges

Wellness and health journeys are long-term processes and staying motivated and on track is one of the biggest problems that people face. Innovative actively engages employees with fun customized wellness challenges that keep them encouraged and incentivized to stick to healthy habits for long-lasting changes. Challenges revolve around weight loss, physical activity, healthy eating, mindfulness, and more.

Wellness Engagement

It’s essential that wellness becomes an active and living part of your company culture, and Innovative provides the tools and processes to keep healthy living at the forefront of your employees’ minds. With monthly newsletters, tip sheets and customized wellness websites updated with blogs, recipes, meal plans, fitness videos, event notices, and more, wellness will truly become a positive and persistent part of your company experience.

Financial Wellness

Employees who are stressed about money or debt often bring that stress into the workplace. Through Innovative’s customized financial wellness program, we work with employers to design, educate and engage employees so they can become more financially secure. We work with you to analyze your demographics and custom tailor programs that meet the wants and needs of your employees. Financial wellbeing is a win-win for employees and employers. When employees are financially confident, they are engaged and productive in the workplace, contributing to their retirement plan, healthcare costs are reduced with less stress, and employer profitability is increased.

Design Your Ideal Benefits

At Innovative, we believe good benefit planning isn’t choosing between generic options. All the employee benefit plans we create are made-to-measure for you and your employees.

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