Workplace Wellness


The key to a successful business.

There are many things you might consider integral to a successful business. And, what we’ve found after nearly three decades helping businesses succeed is one thing stands out when it comes to sustainable achievement and success.

Workplace wellness

While many factors play an important role, virtually nothing does more to help a business thrive and improve your population’s health than a true culture of wellness.

A culture of wellness is the path.

Workplace wellness is more than keeping your team physically healthy. It’s about empowering employees to be their best. It’s about creating a fully engaged staff and making them advocates of their health

That’s why we help you focus on each individual employee, guiding your team to effectively manage their own mental, physical, and emotional energy so your employees and your business thrive.

Innovative workplace wellness gets you there faster.

Our in-house team of professionals and highly skilled coaches work hand-in-hand with your organization to design and implement customized wellness programs that improve your population’s health and ultimately lower claims costs.

This is the power of creating a workforce of fully engaged employees.

Here’s how we do this:

To help you get to this wellness state, we offer the following services:

Biometric Screenings

The start of a healthier workforce, biometric screenings help employees get the true picture of their own health. We’ll arrange for screenings for your employees and their spouses through partnered diagnostics company. Plus, we’ll help you make sure it’s a success, providing all employee communications, promoting screenings, and informing employees of their individual results which leads to health coaching to improve their health and ultimately reduce claims.

Health Coaching and Behavior Modification

Starting with a personalized session to educate employees and spouses on the benefits of wellness and run by trained wellness coaches, this service provides a benchmark for optimal health. It’s followed-up with modification sessions, access to the Health Guardian Coaching Hotline, and feedback surveys to achieve and maintain the benchmark.

Results-Based Plan Design

If you’ve heard the phrase, “What gets measured, gets done,” you know how important plan design can be. Our team of dedicated professionals design custom plans that incentivize employees to participate in wellness initiatives and improve their health. We’ll take care of everything needed for a successful program, including administration, communications, and even HIPAA compliance.

Population Health Management Software

Take advantage of Innovative’s data analytics software to uncover and address potential clinical and financial risks. The software features predictive modeling, advanced data analytics and integration with your pharmacy, medical, and wellness data. This proprietary technology is available only to Innovative clients.

Health Education Seminars

Provide employees with formal knowledge and a can-do attitude with quarterly seminars, featuring topics like Healthy Eating on a Budget, Health Myths and Facts, Physical Fitness, Stress Management, and more.

Annual Health Fair

Arranged by the Innovative Wellness Team specifically for your organization, the Annual Health Fair provides access to a variety of resources to help your employees better manage their health and well-being.

Wellness Challenges

Wellness challenges engage employees to get active in the workplace while creating a fun and positive environment. Innovative’s wellness team creates customized challenges to encourage your employees to lead healthier lifestyles and help them make lasting improvements. Challenges can include but are not limited to, weight loss, healthy eating, physical activity, and volunteering.

Customized Wellness Websites

A wellness website is a great way to educate, engage and promote to your employees on their workplace wellness initiatives and resources. Innovative’s personalized branded wellness websites feature event notices, wellness challenges, blogs, recipes, meal plans, fitness videos, events and more.

Population Health Management Services

Once you have the full picture, you’ll engage with the Innovative team of experts quarterly to review claims data, identify the cost drivers in your health plan population, and establish an action plan. Other services include proactive case management and health coaching, claims cost benchmarking and notifications, and annual budget models and forecasting for various plan, contribution and enrollment assumptions. What’s more, it’s all down to the employee-level and always HIPAA compliant.

Avoid the pains of inaction.

Instilling a culture of wellness starts with action. For the health of your employees and your business, it’s time to get Innovative.

Contact us today, and let’s get started together.

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