Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Putting People First

An employee benefits strategy is only good if it balances both the needs of your employees and your business. At Innovative, we work with your organization to ensure your employee benefit package is tailored to your strategic, competitive, and financial needs.

Our Why

Helping employers build a better employee benefits program that provides superior service for HR while engaging employees for optimum appreciation.

Employee Benefits Made Simple.

What It’s Like Working with Us

Employee benefits can feel incredibly difficult to navigate and administer without sufficient support and guidance. After decades of planning and designing benefit plans for countless organizations, we know what it takes to streamline the process and create an employee benefit experience where you feel supported and your employees truly value it.

  • Reduced Costs, Improved Outputs: We employ unique cost containment strategies to give you the best benefits program your budget has to offer, without compromising your organization’s needs.
  • Empowered Employees: We empower your employees so they remain engaged, productive, and satisfied.
  • Custom-Tailored to Your Team: Our processes are carefully geared to fit the culture of your HR team so you can focus on important initiatives such as implementing new policies, deploying employee-centric strategies, and recruiting and retaining the best talent.
  • Government Compliant, Hassle-Free: We guide you through local and federal government regulations and policies so you always stay compliant with the latest obligations.

What We Do to Support and Optimize HR

The employee benefits industry is an ever-changing landscape that companies are forced to stay on top of if they wish to continue attracting and retaining the best talent.  The lack of proper resources and time to handle it can make the process more difficult than necessary.

At Innovative, we understand the value of a dedicated team that is here to support and go above and beyond, not just at renewal, but all year long. 

  • Smarter Decision Making: Innovative makes sure you know the pros and cons behind every option so you can make the best decision, every single time.
  • Streamlined and Efficient: With years of expertise in employee benefits, we know the best ways to implement streamlined processes, allowing you to focus on other things.
  • Dynamic, Flexible Solutions: We will always be one step ahead of the benefits landscape, allowing you to give your employees unbeatable benefits.

What Success Looks Like When You Work with Us

No matter how great your employee benefits might be, they mean nothing if your employees don’t know how to take advantage of them. For even the most successful businesses, employees still struggle with the ins and outs of properly navigating their benefits.

Innovative acts as a vital extension to your team to create a concierge like employee benefit experience for leadership and your employees.

  • Your Team’s Dedicated Benefit Guardian: Innovative provides a dedicated, in-house, Benefit Guardian to your team, providing your employees with a direct phone or email contact for any benefit questions and claims issues. They never have to go at it alone again.
  • Communication-Centered Employee Engagement: We create specific avenues for employees to get the most out of their benefits in easy and convenient ways, through communication, strategic calendars, education and more.
  • Proactive Reinforcement: We proactively schedule regular meetings to help your organization adopt new solutions and strategies.
  • Access to Resources: Your leadership team has access to monthly educational seminars that will keep you one step ahead of trends and policies in the benefits landscape.

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Helping Employers Deliver a Better Employee Benefits Program


Innovative’s team of experts are well-versed in the employee benefits industry and work closely with your team on the best practices and solutions for your organization. Always having the best interest of you and your employees in mind, Innovative provides continuous evaluation of all aspects of your benefits program including cost containment strategies, plan design comparison utilizing our UBA Benchmarking Survey, and analysis of retrospective and prospective claims data. As your trusted advisor, you can always count on us to keep you ahead-of-the-curve with the ability to implement new strategies that result in improved employee health and lower claims risks.


Innovative Benefit Planning, in conjunction with United Benefit Advisors, conducts annually the nation’s largest and most comprehensive benchmarking survey of plan design and cost. The survey provides vital benchmark statistics for you on employee benefits health plan factors, including detailed enrollment, plan design, plan cost, employee premium cost-sharing, prescription drug, and flexible spending account norms to ensure your benefits rank among the best.  When consulting with our clients, we use this data to provide recommendations that are in-line with their needs and showcase the data to employees to help them understand how generous their benefits are and how to best keep costs in-line. 

Alternative Funding Strategy

As the industry has continued to evolve and employers look for unique ways to offer robust benefits at an attractive price point, alternative funding methods have been steadily rising in popularity for middle market employers. Innovative’s team of consultants, actuaries and underwriters are here to explore and strategize with you on the different types of funding arrangements available. Some options include: Health Reimbursement Accounts, level or graded funding, captives, consortiums, self-funding and Reference Based Pricing. Innovative explores every possibility to find the lowest cost plans while meeting your benefits objectives and keeping the integrity of the plan for your employees.


With various IRS, ACA and ERISA regulations affecting employer-sponsored plans, Innovative is committed to ensuring our clients fulfill their obligations and streamline the process.  Our compliance experts are here to provide administrative support, audits, complete and file 5500s, maintain continuous legislative updates and be a resource to your team.


Benefits Administration Support

Offering top tier benefits can be time consuming for Human Resources. Innovative is committed to supporting our clients in ensuring they provide the best to their employees without many of the burdens of administration. From custom employee communications, eligibility processing, billing audits, employee meetings, and more, we take the burden off of you, so you can focus on your other strategic responsibilities.


Employee Advocacy

With over 60,000 cases resolved, Innovative’s Benefit Guardian service provides your employees with a dedicated In-House benefit resource to help navigate the complex healthcare system today.  Your employees have a single point of contact to assist with claims or billing issues, finding a specialist and hospital, or coaching them on how to best utilize their plan.


Employee Engagement

Far too often open enrollment is the only time employees hear about their valuable benefit plans. To increase employee engagement, appreciation, and better utilization of their plan, communication should extend beyond open enrollment. Innovative will work hand-in-hand with you to create a 12-month strategic communication calendar to include several forms of media, such as digital interactive guides, customized educational videos, newsletters, mobile apps, emails and more.


Wellness Programs

While many factors play an important role in your business, virtually nothing does more to help a business thrive and improve your population’s health than a true culture of wellness. Our in-house team of professionals and highly skilled coaches partner with your organization to design and implement customized wellness programs that improve your population’s health and ultimately lower claims costs. Learn more.

Design Your Ideal Benefits

At Innovative, we believe good benefit planning isn’t choosing between generic options. All the employee benefit plans we create are made-to-measure for you and your employees.

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