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Solving Complex Business Problems with
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The Innovative Human Resources team partners with organizations to provide solutions to the exceedingly challenging demands of today’s business environment. Our team develops a customized approach to suit you and your organization’s needs. We provide the solutions for:

Our Why

Helping employers build a better employee benefits program that provides superior service for HR while engaging employees for optimum appreciation.

HR Solutions Made Simple.

What It’s Like Working with Us

It can be easy for an employer to fall into a cycle of reactive policies. After all, with so many tasks bogging you down, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything.

With Innovative, we shake up outdated policies and workflow models, helping you transform from reactive into proactive.

  • UBA Surveys: Innovative conducts in conjunction with United Benefits Advisors, the nation’s largest and most comprehensive benchmarking survey, giving employers a distinct competitive edge in recruiting and retaining a superior workforce.
  • Our Research at Your Disposal: Focus on your organization and let us focus on everyone else. We keep you up to date with the latest trends, knowledge, resources, and expertise in the market, and present this information to employers in ways they can best use it.
  • Styling Your Solutions, Your Way: Innovative shies away from cookie cutter solutions, as we understand that every organization has their own way of doing things. We shape your solutions around the specific competitive landscape and culture surrounding your company.

What We Do to Support and Optimize HR

The war for top talent has never been so competitive. Identifying, recruiting, integrating, and successfully retaining the best people for your company is crucial.

With proper employee engagement outreach and active support for a forward-thinking company culture, we will help your team evolve into a single unit.

  • Your Team, Extended: Our experts work as an extension of your team. We support and optimize your HR with every resource we have available.
  • Total Rewards Package: Attract and retain the best talent with our Total Rewards strategies, satisfying your employees in more ways than one.
  • Holistic Workforce Approach: No single approach defines our employee-centric culture-building practices. We shape our solutions to fit your employees’ needs.

What Success Looks Like When You Work With Us

With Innovative, we shake up outdated policies and workflow models, helping you not only reach your goals, but more importantly, keep you there. 

  • Employer of Choice:  Our focus on designing an employee experience that elevates your culture and creates an outstanding employer brand, allows you to attract and retain the best talent. 
  • Compliance: We ensure that your team is equipped with the expertise to minimize risk, have policies that match any federal, state and local laws and a leadership team that is trained to react properly.  

  • Peace of Mind: With our policy, training, and development support, we provide your team with the confidence they need to move forward painlessly, now and later.

Helping Employers Deliver a Comprehensive HR Solution

HR Compliance

Compliance can be tricky – you don’t really know what you don’t know and navigating both technical and cultural compliant needs is a full-time job. But being compliant is an absolute necessity to any company seeking to minimize unwanted risks. With our HR Compliance services, we ensure that your team is equipped with the expertise and on-going knowledge to minimize the risk of contemporary lawsuits, that your policies and handbooks match any federal, state, and local compliance laws, and that your leaders are trained to react properly to any issue that may come about.


Employee recruitment and retention is more competitive than ever and getting your compensation packages right can be the difference between a disgruntled workforce and a connected, motivated team. What makes a compensation plan most effective is not only competitive wages, but also a clear path for promotion, and long-term employment.  We start off by truly understanding your company and evolution, to the philosophy that drives your leadership. From here we create your Competency Model: the measurements that define the required skills today and career pathway for each position in each department, to determine the precise salary range for every employee.


Training and Development

For every level along your company hierarchy, you require only the best.  In addition to the right credentials, what makes your leadership team the best and separates them from your competition is how well informed and trained they are. For both current and future employees, Innovative will assist in designing training programs and coaching services to get the most out of your team. From discrimination, diversity and inclusion, and teambuilding workshops that establish healthy work environments, to manager and leadership training programs, we focus on developing the necessary skills needed to maximize your company’s growth.


HR Outsourcing

HR is the connector of your company, creating the link between management and your employees. HR Stability is essential. With Innovative, we offer both flexibility in support and expertise, allowing any company to add just the right level of HR support and administration you need for now without causing unintended disruption to your organization. When working with our HR outsourcing, your team acquires much more than a single HR professional; you acquire our entire team of HR knowledge and talent, available whenever needed.

Human Capital and Culture

Your company culture is a major driving force behind employee satisfaction and retention, but keeping your culture alive and thriving must be an intentional task that employers manage proactively. Mergers, acquisitions, and other disruptive events can cause any organization to lose its sense of self. With tools such as engagement surveys and culture indexes, we assess the current temperature of the company and the general vibe of your workforce. We then create actionable strategies your HR and leadership teams can execute to improve and recapture your organization’s culture, leading to more rewarding employee engagement.

Recruitment Strategy

With a tight labor market and a constant war for the top talent, organizations are faced with the problem of not only convincing the best people to join their team, but also identifying who they are.  Measuring previous performance is no longer enough – top recruiters have to consider how qualified recruits will fit with your specific organization. By first identifying your top performers in every key job, Innovative will develop a unique employee profile, benchmark performance and develop a recruitment strategy highlighting your exact desired skills and competencies through carefully designed screening and testing processes.


Oftentimes, organizations only use a fraction of the capabilities of their existing technology, simply because they lack the expertise and /or the time to integrate the extra functionality into their processes. Innovative ensures that you are getting the most out of the technologies you already have, and those you might not know about. With implementation and ongoing optimization technology services, we guarantee that your technology-integrated workflows in HRIS, Benefits, Payroll, Time and Labor, Performance Management, ATS, and more will become simpler than ever before.

Design Your Ideal Benefits

At Innovative, we believe good benefit planning isn’t choosing between generic options. All the employee benefit plans we create are made-to-measure for you and your employees.

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