4 Ways Digital Open Enrollment Guides Improve Employee Engagement


4 Ways Digital Open Enrollment Guides Improve Employee Engagement

Every year open enrollment season allows employees to start, stop, or change their existing health insurance plans. Often, however, open enrollment can be a source of confusion, leaving employees with a lack of understanding and underutilizing their plan. Digital open enrollment guides can be the most effective solution for educating and connecting with employees about their healthcare benefits.

So how can digital open enrollment guides improve employee engagement? Apart from giving employees convenient access to benefit information, digital open enrollment guides also help your staff better understand their benefits, promote healthier habits, provide direct contact with advocates, and allows leadership to utilize direct analytics for increased employee interaction.

Here are four ways digital open enrollment guides can improve employee engagement:

1.     Digital open enrollment guides can help employees better understand their benefits.

A digital open enrollment platform allows for embedded videos, custom animation, and inserted PDF flyers to further educate employees on specific information, which has been shown to increase messaging retention by 73% when compared to static content. By providing a more engaging, content rich experience, it will ensure employees have a more positive experience as they understand and best utilize their benefits.

2.     Digital open enrollment guides can promote employee engagement in their physical and mental wellness.

Open enrollment is the perfect time to introduce a culture of healthy living into the workplace and digital guides makes that easy! Talking about dental benefits? Why not include a video about the importance of annual preventive exams? In your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) section, use the opportunity to include videos and educational flyers on what an EAP is, how they can help, and links to logins and phone numbers. Open enrollment is when you have your employee’s attention, so it makes the opportune time to educate and engage their attention on their physical and mental wellbeing to make a direct impact on your population’s health.

3.     Digital open enrollment guides can serve as a tool for direct analytics to further engage.

Digital open enrollment guides are more fitting than the traditional paper guides for monitoring employee engagement due to their backend analytics. Our backend analytics allows employers to gather rich intelligence on employee touchpoints that you simply cannot get in a printed guide. When employers have access to direct analytics, you can better keep an eye on key metrics to modify your health plan education for better employee utilization.

4.     Digital open enrollment guides can keep employees in direct contact with their advocates.

Aside from having curated content to proactively educate and address questions within the guide, employees have access to their Innovative Benefit Guardian to help manage the healthcare maze and answer any questions. No going to HR when they have questions, employees can communicate directly with their Benefit Guardian for assistance and support regarding their plan and enrollment questions, finding a specialist in network, managing claims or billing issues, and more!

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