4 Ways to Leverage National Insurance Awareness Day to Increase Employee Awareness and Participation


June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day! It was created as a day to review your insurance coverage and is also a great time to help your employees understand the benefits that are available to them. Focus today on empowering your employees to better understand, appreciate and participate in their benefits.

Here are 4 ways to help increase employee awareness and participation:

  1. Remind Employees of Key Benefits Within Your Organization’s Benefit Plan

Take the time to remind your employees of components of your health plan that they could be taking advantage of such as your EAP, workplace wellness program, telemedicine, or prescription home delivery service just to name a few. Some of these things are overlooked unless they’re being consistently communicated, so make it a point to remind your employees of these added benefits!

  1. Highlight Your Benefit Guardian Service

Employees may forget that their Benefit Guardian is an additional benefit that is here to help them navigate the sometimes complex healthcare system. Today is a great time to remind them that their Benefit Guardian serves as a single point of contact for help with anything benefits related.

  1. Remind Employees to Update their 401K and Life Insurance Beneficiaries

Beneficiary designations should be updated based on life changes such as birth, marriage, death or divorce, however it can be one of those things that gets put off. Remind employees today to check and update their designations.

  1. Brag About Your Benchmark Comparison

Sure, benchmarking your plan helps with renewal planning but it also makes for a great moment to shout from your company rooftop just how great your benefits are! Make sure your employees know how your plan compares to your region, industry and state! If you haven’t benchmarked your plan, no worries you can still brag today! In just 3 minutes, you can get instant results against the national average of health plan offerings!

Make the most of Insurance Awareness Day by ensuring that your employees are informed and well-versed on their benefits. For additional resources to provide to your employees, please visit our resource library, or contact your account team.

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