Adding Wellbeing to Round out your Employee Value Proposition 


When it comes to what companies are prioritizing, engagement and wellbeing are now at the top of the list.   Many organizations struggle with how to focus on what piece and how much to invest. One thing the research is clear on is that when you combine engagement with wellbeing, you can cultivate major human capital impact.

First, it’s important to create the distinction between wellbeing and engagement.  Employee wellbeing deals with how an employee feels whereas employee engagement is about how employees feel about their role, their work and value within their company. 

 In Gallup’s Business Journal article “Well-Being Enhances Benefits of Employee Engagement,” it found that a focus in this area ignites productivity, retention and conditions for the business to thrive.

Gallup Reports that those who are in a high state of engagement and wellbeing are:

Prioritize the wellbeing of your employees 

Successful organizations are prioritizing health and wellbeing for their employees, both at home and at work. They are successful because they are integrating wellbeing into their organizational culture, which includes engagement.  These organizations are providing programs that are effective, evidence-based, and focused on the “whole person” and their needs.  They are using fitness classes on site, providing access to health coaches or walking challenges.  They are also engaging partners such as their Human Resources or benefit teams, employee assistance programs and health and safety departments.

What can you do to help  nourish engagement?

Focus on creating personal relationships because people who are well and connected to the organization are eager to learn and create together and find a lot of value doing this for their employer. By aligning gratitude with recognition programs in the workplace, organizations can leverage emotional wellbeing to strengthen human connection.  Recognition and gratitude supported from the top down can go a very long way and spread engagement like wildfire.  Not only will this allow leaders to be transparent, but it will invite employees to be part of the process.  By garnering and strengthening trust in your workplace, you are also contributing to the growth mindset that all employers are after.

To re-cap, wellbeing and engagement go hand and hand.  When an employee is happy with their job, connected and engaged, it positively affects wellbeing.  When an employee is feeling their best and fueled with the right resources, they are more involved, committed and bring their best self to work.  With some research suggesting that as many as 87% of workers are disengaged from their jobs, this isn’t something employers cannot ignore.

Innovative’s Workplace Wellness

Innovative’s Workplace Wellness assists employers in creating a culture of health. Our skilled wellness team works hand-in-hand with organizations to design and implement customized wellness programs that improve your population health and ultimately lower claims costs. Workplace wellness is more than keeping your team physically healthy. It’s about empowering employees to be their best, creating a fully engaged staff and making them advocates of their health. We help employers focus on each individual employee, guiding your team to effectively manage their own mental, physical, and emotional energy so your employees and your business thrive. To learn more, visit here.

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