Eat Right, Bite By Bite

eat right by bringing your lunch to work

Eat Right, Bite By Bite

March 3rd, 2020

The key to achieving optimal health cannot be found in any one food, drink or pill, but rather through your personal commitment to healthy lifestyle behaviors.  Focusing on maintaining and enjoying good nutrition and daily physical activity is the key to success.

March is National Nutrition Month, a monthly observance that is supported by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  Each March, the Academy focuses attention on healthful eating and this year’s theme Eat Right, Bite by Bite, promotes eating a variety of nutritious foods every day and planning and creating healthful meals each week.

Good nutrition doesn’t have to be restrictive or overwhelming.  Small goals and changes can have a cumulative health effect, and every little bit (or bite!) of nutrition is a step in the right direction.


You probably eat out a lot – most of us do.  We’re all looking for fast, easy and great-tasting foods that fit into our busy lifestyles.  Whether it’s carry-out, food court, office cafeteria or a sit-down restaurant, there are smart choices available everywhere!  Follow our simple tips when eating out to try and stay on track with healthy choices:

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