Flu Season is Approaching


Flu Season is Approaching – Let Innovative Workplace Wellness arrange a flu shot clinic for your employees.

Flu season is quickly approaching and the best way to protect yourself and your employees from the flu is to get a flu shot. Reducing the spread of respiratory illnesses, like the flu, continues to be necessary this year. Getting a flu vaccine this season can also help reduce the risk of flu-associated hospitalization as well as be an important preventative tool for people with chronic health conditions.

Benefits of Flu Vaccinations

  • Keeps your employees from getting sick with the flu
  • Reduces severity of illness in employees who get vaccinated but still get sick
  • Reduces risk of flu-associated hospitalization
  • Prevents risk of infection for employees with certain chronic health conditions like cardiac and lung disease
  • Protects employees who may be pregnant during and after pregnancy
  • Protects those people around your employees who are more vulnerable to serious flu illness

Flu shots are in high demand so it is crucial to start scheduling now!

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