Innovative Celebrates National Pet Day at Burlington County Animal Shelter

National Pet day

To celebrate our 30-year anniversary and pay thanks to our amazing community and countless partners, Innovative has pledged to give back in 30 ways this year. We are dedicated to making our community a key part of our business in 2019. From local charities and non-profits to those in need and community service hours, our goal is to donate our time, money and resources in 30 ways by the end of the year.

Countdown #24 was celebrating National Pet Day (April 11) at the Burlington County Animal Shelter. For 10 days, Innovative employees gathered a collection of pet items in the office based on things the shelter needed. On April 11th, six employees, Victoria Samadi, Andrew May, Kimberly Fisher, Rbhya Pal, Elizabeth Ferroni and Brooke Haramija brought the donations to the shelter, and then stayed for a two hour volunteer shift.

They worked in pairs behind the scenes doing various tasks to help the shelter and the animals, such as washing windows, cleaning out cages, washing food bowls, and cleaning and filling Kongs (food enrichment toys).

While the work was not so glamorous, it was rewarding, and the shelter was truly grateful for our help. We observed all the staff there working very hard to maintain a clean and safe environment for all of the animals.

The vision of the Burlington County Animal Shelter is to create an environment where all animals receive appropriate care, love, and attention always. To ensure the best possible quality of life for all their animals, they work hard to promote respect and reverence by establishing a “no kill” philosophy.

For more information, or to adopt an animal, go to their website at

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