Innovative Launches New Digital Employee Benefit Guide Technology


Innovative Launches New Digital Employee Benefit Guide Technology

As technology continues to transform the workplace, HR professionals are seeking new and improved ways to deliver their health plan benefits, while gaining rich backend intelligence to improve the utilization of the plan.

We have the solution! Innovative Benefit Planning is excited to launch a new, digital technology platform for our client’s employee benefit guides. This new, cutting-edge technology allows employees to view their health plan guides through a dynamic, video rich, interactive experience.

Our new, easy to navigate digital guide, provides employers with:

Increased Employee Retention The platform allows for video education and an interactive experience, which has been shown to increase messaging retention by 73% when compared to static content.

Engaging Experience Engage your employees with a fresh, highly visual content experience for maximum impact.

Mobile Friendly Regardless of the device or location of your employees, their guide will automatically be responsive, allowing for viewing flexibility.

Employee Insight Our backend analytics allows you to gather rich intelligence on employee touchpoints that you simply cannot get in a printed guide. This data allows you to modify your health plan education for better utilization.

Password Protected Your information is secure through a password protected guide.

After many months of hard work and rave reviews on our test case, we are excited to make this available to all clients starting this month. For more information, please contact your account team or contact us here.


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