PA Mini-Cobra Extended


On July 9th, Governor Rendell signed House Bill 1251 that included a change to Pennsylvania Mini-COBRA to allow for coverage beyond 9 months if a covered individual is also receiving a federal premium subsidy.  This means that individuals who are eligible for the premium subsidy under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) would be eligible for up to 15 months of continuation coverage (for assistance eligible individuals only).  This will likely result in the necessity to send notices to affected individuals and reinstate their mini-COBRA coverage.  To date, details on who is eligible to be reinstated have not been released.  Model notices and guidance are expected.

To read the Governor’s Office press release, go to PA Governor’s Office News Room and view the release titled “Governor Rendell Signs Legislation, July 9.”

To read the text of the amended law: House Bill 1251

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