Participant Risk Assessment


Participant Risk Assessment

As we work our way through a market recovery and closer to what could be a greater period of uncertainty around the upcoming election, now may be a good time for participants to review the equity risk associated with their retirement account and understand if their current investments are properly aligned with their objectives or if adjustments are necessary.

The first step would be to review their investor profile/strategy, then assess if their current investments are properly aligned with their objectives, and last decide if adjustments are necessary.

The retirement team here at Innovative is here to help our client’s employees with this review process by completing our simple asset allocation questionnaire. Once completed, we will review their current plan investments and discuss potential changes in their allocation.

To review your options or if you feel this service would be beneficial to your employees, please feel free to contact Innovative Benefit Planning’s retirement team at

Innovative Investment Fiduciaries has extensive experience guiding clients through these decisions. As a CEFEX certified advisor, our fiduciary processes have been vetted and confirmed as following the best industry practices.

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