Required Minimum Distributions


As the calendar year draws to a close, older plan participants may have to consider taking a required minimum distribution (RMD) from their qualified retirement plan. A required minimum distribution is a withdrawal from a qualified retirement plan for participants who have reached the age of 70½. While many qualified plans have services to notify participants that they have to take an RMD, it is important for plan sponsors to understand the mechanics and rules governing required minimum distributions.

How is an RMD Calculated?

When does an RMD have to be taken?

Why is it important for Plan Sponsors to Understand RMDs?

Other RMD Considerations

Innovative Investment Fiduciaries specializes in advising on qualified retirement plans. We assist plan sponsors in the selection of recordkeepers and third-party administrators to ensure that all services and processes, including RMD notification and processing, will be handled in an efficient manner that suits the plan sponsor’s needs. If you have any questions about your plan, contact Innovative here.

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