Why Employers Should Benchmark Their Health Plan Before Renewal


Why Employers Should Benchmark Their Health Plan Before Renewal

Benchmarking your health plan during renewal ensures that the benefits being offered continue to be a right fit for the company and employees based on data-driven decisions. On the other hand, a poorly planned renewal done in the dark can cause unnecessary expenses for the company. These worst-case scenarios are preventable by benchmarking your health plan so you can evaluate your employee benefits and see how they measure up to your peers.

So why should employers benchmark their health plan offerings prior to renewal? There are two reasons why benchmarking is advantageous: cost savings and data-driven decisions.

With benchmarking, your business can see if your costs are in line within your industry, size, region, and State (and implement cost-containment strategies if needed) and optimize your health plans for the long-term so they remain competitive.

Benchmarking allows you to answer questions such as:

By comparing your plan to others in the same state, industry, and size, you will take the blindfold off and have a roadmap for renewal planning this year. And then after making any plan design changes and your benefits are better than others, you’ll have powerful talking points when communicating with your employees or potential employees.

How Innovative Benefit Planning Can Help:

At Innovative Benefit Planning, we work with United Benefit Advisors to conduct the nation’s largest and most comprehensive benchmarking survey on health plan design and cost. Our findings can give employers a distinct, competitive edge that enables them to recruit and retain a talented workforce while keeping costs reasonable.

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